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Circuit breaker trips during normal operation


Misclassified failure manifestations, cause analysis and solutions

Fault manifestation: The circuit breaker trips during normal operation.

Cause analysis: In the normal operating state of the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker does not open when there is no external operating power supply and mechanical opening action. After confirming that there is no misoperation, check the secondary circuit and the operating mechanism. It was found that the auxiliary switch contacts in the operating mechanism box were short-circuited, and the opening power supply was connected to the opening coil through the short-circuit point, resulting in false opening. The reason is that the top of the circuit breaker mechanism box leaks water, and the water flows down along the output crank arm on the auxiliary switch of the mechanism, causing a short circuit of the contacts.

Solution: Check all possible water leakage points and effectively block them; install sealing rubber sleeves on the connecting rods of the output crank arm; turn on the heating and moisture-dispelling device in the mechanism box.
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