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High-voltage vacuum circuit breaker refuses to close, refuses to open


Fault manifestations, cause analysis and solutions of high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker refusal to close and refusal to open

Fault performance: After the circuit breaker is closed (opened), the closing (opening) electromagnet operates, but the circuit breaker's arc extinguishing chamber cannot be closed (opened).

Cause analysis: first analyze whether it is the fault of the secondary circuit or the fault of the mechanical part. If the secondary circuit is normal, it can be found that the gap between the universal shaft head connected to the main crank arm of the operating mechanism is too large. Although the operating mechanism operates normally, it cannot drive the open circuit The opening and closing link of the circuit breaker acts, causing the circuit breaker to fail to open and close normally.

Solution: If it is a secondary circuit fault, deal with the circuit fault; otherwise, check the clearance of all connecting parts of the operating mechanism, adjust the clearance or replace qualified parts.
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