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The first large-capacity test system for mining high-voltage electrical appliances in China successfully passed the acceptance test


Recently, the general contracting project of breaking and closing test system engineering of mine high-voltage electrical appliances of China Coal Science and Industry Group Chongqing Company, which was designed, purchased, installed and commissioned by China Qiyuan Engineering Design Institute Co., Ltd. affiliated to China Energy Conservation, successfully passed the joint commissioning and acceptance .
The project is located in Jianqiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District, Chongqing City. It mainly builds a large-capacity test system and supporting workshops mainly for short-circuit closing and breaking tests of high-voltage mining equipment. Due to the high standard requirements and difficult design, the project team used the comprehensive design technology of large-capacity laboratories for high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, and the comprehensive design technology of transformer product test stations to further optimize the design plan through software calculations and simulations. The 199 sets/sets of non-standard equipment needed for the test system were customized to ensure the smooth completion of the test system construction.
It is reported that this project is the first large-capacity test system for mining high-voltage electrical appliances built in China, which fills the gap in the large-capacity test system in my country's coal industry and provides strong technical support for the research on safety test technology for mining equipment. The maximum three-phase direct test capacity of the mining high-voltage electrical appliance breaking and closing test system constructed this time can reach 12 kV/63 kA, 7.2 kV/40 kA, 3.6 kV/31.5 kA, and the technical indicators are in Both domestically and in the industry are at the advanced level.
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