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What is a vacuum circuit breaker?


As the name implies, a vacuum circuit breaker is a circuit breaker that uses vacuum to complete arc extinguishing. The vacuum chamber, also known as the vacuum interrupter, is responsible for opening and closing the current-carrying contacts.

There is a steel arch chamber in the center of the vacuum circuit breaker. They are built symmetrically and stacked in a ceramic insulator. The vacuum interrupter maintains the vacuum pressure between 10 and 6 bar.

The material used to transfer the contacts in the current can greatly affect the working performance of the vacuum circuit breaker. Top brands regard Cr/Cr as an ideal material for making vacuum circuit breakers.

Excellent arc provides excellent dielectric strength making it ideal for medium and relatively high voltage applications. However, they are not the best choice for commercial use.

This is why VCBs are often labeled as high voltage indoor vacuum circuit breakers. Vacuum circuit breakers are ideal for systems requiring voltages from 11 to 33 kV due to their low maintenance requirements.

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