High Voltage Vacuum Breaker
  • High Voltage Vacuum BreakerHigh Voltage Vacuum Breaker
  • High Voltage Vacuum BreakerHigh Voltage Vacuum Breaker
  • High Voltage Vacuum BreakerHigh Voltage Vacuum Breaker

High Voltage Vacuum Breaker

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Timetric High Voltage Vacuum Breaker. We have mature technology, advanced equipment, high-quality personnel team, the company pays special attention to investment in product quality and management.

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Product Description

Timetric High Voltage Vacuum Breaker  Introduction

High Voltage Vacuum Breaker technology standard The vacuum circuit breaker is developed vigorously in the recent ten years in our country. The products have been developed from several varieties of ZN1 ~ ZN5 in the past to more than dozens of models and varieties. The rated current reaches 5000A, the on-off current reaches 50kA, and the voltage has been developed to 35kV level.

Before the 1980s, the vacuum circuit breaker was in the initial stage of development, and the technology was in constant exploration, so the technical standards could not be formulated. It was not until 1985 that the relevant product standards were formulated.

Timetric High Voltage Vacuum Breaker General description:

ZN63A(VS1)-12 is a HV indoor vacuum circuit breaker working as a protection and control unit of power grid equipment and industrial electric equipment in power system of rated voltage from 7.2KV to 12KV. It meets the requirements of GB/T1984-2014 (AC HV circuit breaker) and JB355-1996 (3.6KV-40.5KV indoor AC HV vacuum circuit breaker). It can be used in switchgears of KYN28(GZS1), XGN and GG-1A.

Timetric High Voltage Vacuum Breaker Feature And Application

Timetric High Voltage Vacuum Breaker  characteristics

(1) The contact opening distance is small. The contact opening distance of 10KV vacuum circuit breaker is only about 10mm. The operation power of the operating mechanism is small, the mechanical part travel is small, and the mechanical life is long.

(2) The arc burning time is short, and has nothing to do with the switching current size, generally only half cycle.

(3) The clearance medium of the contact after arc extinguishing has a fast recovery speed, and the fault performance of the near breaking area is better.

(4) Because the contact in the breaking current wear is small, so the electrical life of the contact is long, the full capacity of breaking up to 30-50 times, rated current breaking up to 5000 times more than, small noise suitable for frequent operation.

(5)  Small size and light weight.

(6) Suitable for breaking capacitance load current.

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