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252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker
  • 252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker

252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker

Timetric electrical is a large-scale 252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker  For Distribution  Introduction

The outdoor high voltage SF6 VCB, designed for power distribution at 252kV, is a compact, integrated system that incorporates crucial elements. These elements encompass solid dielectric insulating rods, vacuum interrupters, current transformers, and voltage sensors. The VCB's operation is facilitated by either a permanent magnet drive or an electric motor drive.

The fusion of these elements engenders a unit characterized by simplicity and user-friendliness. This amalgamation ensures easy operation and offers design flexibility. Every component synergizes harmoniously with the others, guaranteeing efficient performance. Notably, even though the control unit is physically distinct, it seamlessly assimilates into the entirety of the VCB system, functioning as a unified entity.

In simpler terms:

The outdoor SF6 VCB, tailored for 252kV power distribution, is a compact unit that brings together vital elements. These comprise sturdy insulating rods, vacuum interrupters, current transformers, and voltage sensors. The VCB can be powered through a permanent magnet or electric motor drive.

The convergence of these parts results in a straightforward, adaptable unit that's easy to use and can be designed according to varying needs. Every piece collaborates seamlessly, ensuring efficient operation. Importantly, while the control unit maintains its separate identity, it smoothly integrates into the entire VCB setup, behaving as a single, unified apparatus.

252kV Outdoor HV AC SF6 Circuit Breaker For Distribution use Feature And Application

The Timetric Electric 252kV porcelain column-type sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker is specially designed for use within power grids rated at 145kV. It proves suitable for locations situated at altitudes not exceeding 3000 meters, functioning efficiently across temperatures ranging from -40°C to +40°C. This circuit breaker is well-suited for environments where pollution levels are within the bounds of Class IV, as defined by Timetric's high voltage switch standards. Its capabilities encompass managing rated current, fault current, and line conversions, effectively exercising control and safeguarding power systems.

In terms of the surrounding conditions, this circuit breaker aligns with the stipulations detailed in GB/T11022-1999, a standard governing High Voltage Switchgear and Control Equipment. These conditions include:

a. Operational temperature: -40ºC to +40ºC

b. Altitude: Stays under 3000m

c. Wind speed: Below 34m/s (following Tianming high voltage switch)

d. Daily temperature shifts: Limited to 25ºC

e. Sunlight intensity: Peaks at 0.1w/cm2

f. Average monthly humidity: Does not exceed 90%

g. Earthquake forces: Horizontal acceleration ≤ 0.2g, Vertical acceleration ≤ 0.1g

h. Maximum ice thickness: Up to 10mm

i. Air pollution level: Doesn't surpass Grade IV in GB5582

j. Installation environment: Outdoors.

To simplify, this circuit breaker is crafted for effective operation in power grids with a 252kV voltage rating. It can handle altitudes up to 3000 meters, endure temperatures from -40°C to +40°C, and manage modest pollution levels. Its engineering guarantees reliable performance amidst varying weather, adhering to elevated standards for safety and efficiency when used outdoors.

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