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Earthing Switch For Switchgear
  • Earthing Switch For SwitchgearEarthing Switch For Switchgear

Earthing Switch For Switchgear

Timetric Electrical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Earthing Switch For Switchgear in China. With extensive experience in producing high voltage equipment, we have a competitive edge in the market. Our products are reasonably priced and widely distributed across South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. As a professional manufacturer, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality Silicone Rubber Bushings and providing exceptional after-sales service with timely delivery. We are eager to establish a long-term business relationship with you.

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Product Description

Timetric Earthing Switch For Switchgear  Introduction

Earthing Switch For Switchgear refers to a mechanical grounding device that releases static charges from the equipment and circuit being repaired, and ensures the personal safety of maintenance personnel during power outage maintenance. It can withstand current for a certain period of time under abnormal conditions (such as short circuits), but it does not pass through load current under normal circumstances. It is usually part of the isolation switch.

Timetric Earthing Switch For Switchgear Parameter (Specification)

Model NO.


Poles Number



Circuit Breaker


Circuit-Breaker Failure Protection


ISO9001-2000, CCC

Product Name

Jn15-12 Earthing Switch

Orign of Place

Zhejiang, China

Related Voltage

up to 12kv

Rated Frequency


Rated Short Time Withstand Current










Mechanical Life

2000 Times

Transport Package

Normal Export Case




Zhejiang, China

HS Code


Timetric Earthing Switch For Switchgear Feature And Application

(1) Grounding for normal operation during circuit maintenance. When the circuit breaker is located on a line that needs maintenance, the circuit breaker is in the open position, and the isolation switches on both sides are open and in the open state. The grounding switch is closed for normal operation grounding. To ensure the safety of equipment and maintenance personnel.

(2) Switch to electrostatic and electromagnetic induced currents. In two or more overhead transmission lines sharing the same tower or adjacent parallel arrangement, when a circuit or several circuits of lines are cut off, electromagnetic induction and electrostatic induction will be generated between them and adjacent live lines, and induced voltage and induced current will be generated in the cut off circuit. Therefore, grounding switches are used for such circuits.

(3) Close the short-circuit current. For grounding switches with rated short-circuit making current, they should be able to make at any applied voltage, including their rated voltage, and at any current, including their rated short-circuit making current. The rated short-circuit making current of the grounding switch is equal to the rated peak withstand current.

Timetric Earthing Switch For Switchgear  Details

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