24kv Circuit Breaker
  • 24kv Circuit Breaker24kv Circuit Breaker
  • 24kv Circuit Breaker24kv Circuit Breaker
  • 24kv Circuit Breaker24kv Circuit Breaker
  • 24kv Circuit Breaker24kv Circuit Breaker
  • 24kv Circuit Breaker24kv Circuit Breaker

24kv Circuit Breaker

As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you high quality Timetric 24kv Circuit Breaker. The company has strong technical force and strong production capacity, the use of advanced management mode, with its own strong technical force and the professional production equipment, production of high quality products, looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.

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Product Description

Timetric 24kv Circuit Breaker Introduction

In order to meet the requirements of mechanical parameters in the 24kv Circuit Breaker arc extinguishing chamber, ensure the electrical and mechanical properties of the 24kv Circuit Breaker and ensure the reliability of operation, the 24kv Circuit Breaker must have stable and good mechanical characteristics. The main mechanical characteristics are listed in the table above. Three types of 24kv Circuit Breaker technical specifications are also given as examples. 4. The influence of mechanical characteristics on product performance The quality of mechanical characteristics of the product has an important relationship to the electrical performance of the product, and affects the reliability of the product operation. To measure the performance of 24kv Circuit Breaker, the performance of 24kv Circuit Breaker itself is important, but the mechanical characteristics also play a decisive role.

Timetric 24kv Circuit Breaker Parameter (Specification)


Silver gray、Red





Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Number Of Poles



Safe and Stable


Iron,Red copper,Epoxy resin

Surface Treatment

Plastic spraying

Timetric 24kv Circuit Breaker Open from

The opening distance of the contacts mainly depends on the rated voltage and withstand voltage requirements of the vacuum circuit breaker. Generally, the opening distance of the contacts should be smaller when the rated voltage is low. However, too small opening distance will affect the breaking ability and pressure level. Although the opening distance is too large, it can improve the pressure level, but it will reduce the life of the bellows in the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber. Design in general to meet the operation of the pressure requirements as far as possible to choose a smaller opening distance. 10kV vacuum circuit breaker is usually between 8 ~ 12mm, 35kV is between 30 ~ 40mm.

Contact pressure

When there is no external force, the moving contact produces a closing force to close the inner cavity with the static contact under the action of atmospheric pressure, which is called the self-closing force, and its size depends on the port diameter of the bellows. When the arc extinguishing chamber is working, the force is too small to ensure good electrical contact between static and static contacts, so an external pressure must be applied. The sum of the applied pressure and the self-closing force is called the contact pressure of the contact. This contact 

Timetric 24kv Circuit Breaker pressure has several effects:

(1) Ensure good contact between dynamic and static contacts, and make their contact resistance less than the specified value.

(2) Meet the dynamic stability requirements of rated short-circuit state. The contact pressure should be greater than the repulsive force between the contacts in the rated short-circuit state to ensure complete closure and no damage in this state.

(3) Inhibit the closing bounce. The contact can be buffered when the collision is closed, the kinetic energy of the collision can be converted into elastic potential energy, and the bounce of the contact can be inhibited.

(4) Provide an acceleration force for the brake. When the contact pressure is large, the moving contact gets a larger opening force, which is easy to break and will make the fusion welding point, increase the initial acceleration of the gate, reduce the burning time, and increase the breaking ability. Contact pressure is a very important parameter in the initial design of the product must be verified and tested for many times to select the appropriate. If the contact pressure is selected too small, it can not meet the requirements of the above aspects; But the contact pressure is too large, on the one hand need to increase the closing operation, in addition to the arc extinguishing chamber and the machine mechanical strength requirements also need to improve, technically uneconomic.

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