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What is the composition of the VS1 handcart type


The VS1 handcart vacuum circuit breaker is installed in the complete cabinet of KYN28A. This design brings great convenience to our operation and maintenance. So how is it composed?

VS1 handcart vacuum circuit breaker has six plum blossom contacts, and six contact arms are connected with the vacuum circuit breaker body. It also has a unique feature of the chassis, which is a carrier that moves in and out of the vacuum circuit breaker itself.

So how does it combine with the complete cabinet?

It moves the vacuum circuit breaker itself into the switch cabinet by the chassis car, and then connects the plum contact with the static contact of the complete switch cabinet to achieve line conduction. Through some anti-misoperation to ensure the normal operation of the complete set of cabinets. Then the anti-misoperation is what we call the "five defenses" interlocking, we will not focus on it here, because we have said it before, if you are interested, you can read our previous articles.

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