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What is overvoltage?


We want to know what the overvoltage suppression cabinet looks like, so let's first understand what is overvoltage?
The overvoltage of the overvoltage suppression cabinet refers to the long-term voltage fluctuation phenomenon that the root mean square value of the AC voltage rises under the power frequency, exceeds 10% of the rated value, and lasts for more than 1 minute; the occurrence of overvoltage is usually caused by load switching. instant result. Occurs when inductive or capacitive loads are switched on or off in normal use

The abnormal voltage increase exceeding the working voltage in the power system under certain conditions is an electromagnetic disturbance phenomenon in the power system. The insulation of electrical equipment withstands the working voltage for a long time, and must also be able to withstand a certain level of overvoltage, so as to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system. Studying the causes of various overvoltages, predicting their amplitudes, and taking measures to limit them are the prerequisites for determining the insulation of power systems, and are of great significance to the manufacture of electrical equipment and the operation of power systems.

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