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Isolator Switch
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Isolator Switch

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Isolator Switch in China, Timetric Electrical has extensive experience in providing high voltage equipment to clients worldwide. We have been specialized in High voltage equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia markets. We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and look forward to becoming your trusted partner for all your Epoxy Resin Insulation Sensor needs.

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Product Description

Timetric Isolator Switch  Introduction

Isolator Switch  is a kind of switch device which is mainly used for "isolating power supply, switching operation, connected sum cutting off small current circuit" and has no arc extinguishing function. When the isolation switch is in the open position, there is an insulation distance between the contacts that meets the specified requirements and obvious disconnection marks; When in the closed position, a switchgear capable of carrying the current under normal circuit conditions and the current under abnormal conditions (such as short circuits) within a specified time. 

Timetric Isolator Switch Parameter (Specification)



Whether the smart


Place of Origin


Brand Name


Model Number

GN19-12, GN19-12/630

Max. Current

630A, 630A

Max. Voltage

12KV, 12KV








Indoor isolation switch

Rated current



Electric Power Transmission

Timetric Isolator Switch Feature And Application

The isolation switch is mainly used to reliably isolate the parts that need to be cut off from the live parts in the high-voltage distribution device, in order to ensure the safety of maintenance work. The contacts of the isolation switch are all exposed in the air and have obvious disconnection points. The isolation switch does not have an arc extinguishing device, so it cannot be used to cut off load current or short circuit current. Otherwise, under high voltage, the disconnection point will generate a strong arc, which is difficult to extinguish on its own, and can even cause flashover (phase to ground or phase to phase short circuit), burn equipment, and endanger personal safety, This is a serious accident called "pulling the isolation switch with load". Isolation switches can also be used to switch certain circuits to change the operation mode of the system.

Timetric Isolator Switch  Details

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