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What is the role of VS1 vacuum circuit breaker fixed spindle?


In the previous article, we talked about the mechanical atresia (lock) of the VS1 vacuum section device. What is the role of the fixed spindle of the device? ——It is a mechanical atresia between fixed and high -voltage forms. Why must you choose a mechanical atresia? The reason for choosing mechanical atresia is to prevent errors. So how does it mechanically atresses? How do I prevent mistakes? Let's talk with this question:

Generally, we need to determine the main axis to extend from the left before we extend the spindle, or do we extend to the right, and how much sizes are extended? These need to be determined based on the installation and different cabinet types on the spot. Generally, the commonly extended circuit breaker framework is 250mm or 30mm. In short, how to come from. The way they operate are this: When the rotating shaft is rotated, the top rod and the gear rod extend down, holding off the cutting of the buckle, and blocking the band of the gates, which can reach the emergency split or the gate. The role of the gates, the interlocking mechanism extended out of the main axis is operated like this: When the fixed VS1 vacuum circuit breaker is in the position (or division) position, the operation mechanism is locked through the arm of the arm and the cabinet, the cabinet body is The operation agency will not be able to operate. In addition, the fixed VS1 vacuum circuit breaker with the XGN2 cabinet also often appears such a link: when the real vacuum circuit breaker is in the position of the gate, the spindle is driven on the arm of the arm of the arm of the XGN2 cabinet. You cannot hit the position of the segmentation lock. When the real vacuum circuit breaker is at the position of the brake, the operating disk can be hit to the position of the segmentation. Can't closing the gate.

Through the above operations, the fixed VS1 vacuum breakfire has a certain understanding of the mechanical atresia of the complete set of cabinets. It must be done by manual operation. So as to achieve the effect of anti -error.

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