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Performance characteristics of outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker


1. Epoxy resin solid insulation, no oil, no SF6, no harm to the environment vacuum breaking, longitudinal magnetic field arc extinguishing, stable and reliable.
2. Imported outdoor epoxy resin, UV resistance, anti-flasshy, not easy to aging permanent magnet operating mechanism, maintenance-free, can work reliably for a long time.
3. Bistable permanent magnet mechanism, no demagnetizing, reusable.
4. Less mechanical life can reach more than 20000 times compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to install and transport.
5. Box after special treatment, no rust, can keep the appearance lasting and beautiful (stainless steel box can be selected).
6. Adopt high intelligent microcomputer controller, provide a variety of functions, can meet the user's various requirements.
7. It can be equipped with FTU to realize remote control, surveillance and SCADA function.
Outdoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is a new type of outdoor high-voltage switchgear with rated voltage of 12KV. It is mainly used for dividing and combining load current, overload current and short-circuit current in the distribution system of urban and rural networks.
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